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Read faster & better – with this traditional method of reading | Kridha Digital.

It is a common misconception that reading fast and reading better are the same. You can read fast, but it doesn’t mean you are also reading better.

To read faster, you should focus on scanning the page and not understanding every word. This way, your brain will process the words quicker, and your eyes will move more quickly across the page.

On the other hand, if you want to read better, you should focus on understanding every word in detail. You should pause and try to comprehend each sentence before continuing with the following sentence.

Reading fast and better than before is possible with the right tools. Here are some of the practices you can exercise, to improve your reading:

1. The best way to read faster and better than before is by using a reading app that can provide you with the right features. These features include speed control, highlighting, bookmarking, and text-to-speech options.

2. Also, a traditional or unique way of reading is there. Where people actually don’t read every letter of the line, instead they focus on major keywords and sum-up them in mind to understand the line.

3. Also, spelling a book instead of reading in mind is of great use. When you loudly read something, your vocab improves.

4. Certain time of the day, like – early morning, late night is a great time to do the task of reading. This is because, less distraction is on you way and mind is focus on one task.

Reading fast is not about speed reading. It’s about being able to read more than one sentence at a time. Reading faster will help you retain information and remember what you read better.

The human brain can process words at the rate of 300-400 per minute, but that doesn’t mean we should read that fast. We should be reading at a pace of 150-250 words per minute to retain information better and remember what we read better. 

Apply these tips and make your reading better.


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